Friday, October 6, 2017

Uber could record your iPhone’s screen – Report

Security researchers have said Uber's app for iOS was able to record an iPhone's screen, even if running in the background, reported Gizmodo.

The feature was enabled by an entitlement, which developers use to confer specific capabilities or security permissions to their apps.

The entitlement Uber used was not common and reportedly requires permission from Apple to implement. No other software on the App Store appears to use it.

Uber's use of the feature was to improve memory management for the Apple Watch.

Uber said the entitlement was granted as Apple could not handle its maps rendering on the Apple Watch when it was released in 2015. The integration between Uber and the Apple Watch was prominently featured at launch.

Since then there have been several improvements to Apple's software and the Uber app, and it no longer requires the entitlement.

"We're removing this API from our iOS codebase," said Uber.

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