Sunday, October 15, 2017

The world’s first carbon removal through direct air capture plant

The world's first commercial direct air capture (DAC) plant, which removes carbon dioxide from the air, has gone live in Switzerland.

Climeworks is behind the plant, which is part of the CarbFix2 project. It stores the air-captured CO2 permanently in basalt and will help reduce global warming.

The air capture works by:

  • The Climeworks DAC module captures CO2 from air.
  • The CO2 binds to a filter.
  • A saturated filter is heated by low-grade waste heat from a geothermal plant.
  • The CO2 is released and bound to water.
  • The carbonated water is pumped over 700m underground.
  • It reacts with the basaltic bedrock, forming solid minerals.
  • A permanent and safe storage solution is created.

"The potential of scaling up our technology is enormous: it unlocks possibilities in Iceland and numerous regions in the world where there is a similar geological foundation of basalt," said Climeworks.


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