Thursday, October 12, 2017

The most popular operating systems for smartphones and PCs

The latest data from NetMarketShare shows that Windows 7 is still the most popular desktop operating system, with Windows 10 gaining ground.

The September 2017 statistics also revealed that iOS and Android 6.0 remain the most widely-used mobile operating systems, with more devices moving to Android 7.0.

Mobile OS numbers show that Android is more popular than iOS, followed by Windows Phone in third.

NetMarketShare does not provide iOS version information, but BGR stated that iOS 11 has been installed by over 38.5% of iPhone users to date.

The most popular operating systems on desktop and mobile for September 2017 are detailed below.

Desktop Operating Systems

Windows 10 logo

Desktop OS Share
Windows 747.21%
Windows 1029.09%
Windows 8.15.89%
Windows XP5.89%
Mac OSX 10.123.84%
Windows 81.24%
Mac OS X 10.111.16%
Windows NT1.06%
Mac OS X 10.100.73%
Windows Vista0.43%

Mobile Operating Systems


Mobile OS Share – Total
Windows Phone0.87%
Java ME0.49%
Mobile OS Share – Version
Android 6.020.69%
Android 5.111.65%
Android 7.010.78%
Android 4.49.65%
Adroid 5.04.33%
Android 4.21.99%
Android 7.11.58%
Android 4.11.10%

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