Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Sure Launch 40Mbps Unlimited 4G Home Broadband on the Isle of Man


Telecoms operator Sure has launched a "totally unlimited" 4G broadband service on the Isle of Man (British Crown Dependency), which it claims is a "superior alternative to fixed line broadband." Download speeds of up to 40Mbps (2Mbps upload) are available over the new product.

The service costs from £24.99 per month and, for a limited time, customers can get their up-to 40Mbps product for the same price as the up-to 20Mbps product on a 24 month contract. There is no installation fee and the free TP-Link based Home Router (RRP £139) is said to work straight out of the box.

Sure are also offering their 4G broadband service on a 30-day trial basis, which means that if customers are unhappy then they can unsubscribe at no extra cost within the first month.

Mike Phillips, CEO of Sure, said:

"A fast and reliable internet connection is an expectation of modern life. Our 4G+ broadband service, which uses Sure's state-of-the-art mobile network, gives customers access to a fast and consistent internet connection at home, something many Isle of Man residents struggle with because of the island's existing, ageing broadband infrastructure.

If all Isle of Man residents used the 40Mbps 4G broadband service the island would be ranked third in the world in the rankings, which is a huge improvement. We have already had fantastic feedback from customers who are using our 4G broadband service instead of a fixed broadband product and demand for this product is exponentially growing."

It's clear from the product page that Sure views their new wireless 4G broadband product as being a service that can challenge the rival fixed line broadband packages from Manx Telecom. In fact the provider claims that customers of Manx could cancel their landline and broadband to "save at least £525," which is based on a comparison with Manx's Ultima Unlimited 'up to' 40Mbps service at £29.45 per month (this also requires a landline from £17.45 per month).

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