Friday, October 6, 2017

Slashdot turns 20

The "news for nerds" tech site Slashdot has turned 20.

Slashdot founder Rob Malda posted a "pre-history" of Slashdot on Medium to mark the 20th birthday, where he recalls how it all started.

"I registered the domain name 20 years ago today. I really had no idea," he said.

"This was early in the days of the Web. The notion of a blog was years away, so I wrote my own code. I didn't have huge ambitions, so I stored the data in flat text files loaded from scratch, on every… single… page… view. I knew this was grotesquely inefficient, but again, I had no idea what was coming."

Malda said rapid change soon followed, and traffic "soon created real expenses requiring hardware, colocation, and advertising".

"The years that followed were a blurry mix of victories and failures as Slashdot grew from a hobby to a real business. The work was messy, complicated, hard… and especially for the first decade… thrilling."

Malda said today he does not know a single person who has anything to do with Slashdot, following its sale and Malda leaving the company.

"To say I have complicated feelings about what Slashdot is in 2017 is an understatement."

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