Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Packet loss and speed problems at several providers

Spotting major problems with the larger broadband providers is pretty easy as social media lights up like a Christmas tree and clear trends are visible in speed tests, but with the smaller broadband providers it can be difficult to sometimes tell if the problem is just a handful of individuals or a significant proportion of customers.

Today (and from the data it appears prior to today) some customers of IDNet, Merula and Zen Internet have had to suffer packet loss which has been resulting in broadband quality monitors with a large amount of red packet less. The situation appears to have been worst in the morning of 11th October and IDNet issued a status update at 4pm suggesting a fix had been found and if you are still suffering to reboot your broadband hardware.

In addition to the quality monitor system the problem was very obvious in speed test results, where single thread downloads were very much slower and even multiple thread speeds were all over the place (three examples are one, two and three).

We would have flagged this earlier but so many of the Zen Internet and IDNet customers with quality monitors were still showing the standard green graphs with a very small amount of blue and yellow and no packet loss.

What is odd is for the monitors we've found with similar patterns the overnight period invariably seems good and the improvement is almost so sharp that one would suggest someone is turning off/on something that is causing the problem.


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