Thursday, October 5, 2017

Netflix is Raising Rates -

Netflix dumped a metric f-ton of money into their original content, most of which is unwatchable garbage, hence I believe the real reason they dumped the star ratings and went to the moronic percent based rating system. It was very amusing to see all these netflix original comedy specials wind up with 1 star within a day. At the same time they are losing content that's not theirs. Their categorization system is getting completely absurd, and they are not fooling anyone that the same content is padded into every category. The amount of debt that netflix has, this is not the last price increase.

It was a good service while it lasted, but its usefulness, at least to me, is starting to draw to a close. And to those who are going to scream, well at least it's only 2 dollars, not like cable operators with their increases, I'm by no means comparing the two. I don't have cable tv service, and as such I'm only comparing what netflix used to be, what it is now, and what I perceive to be a degradation of service at increased price.

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