Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Major UK Outage Strikes EE’s Mobile Network, Albeit Mostly Voice Calls

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Customers of mobile operator EE (BT) and MVNO partners (e.g. Virgin Media) are reporting that they are currently unable to make voice calls after a major national outage struck the network. The incident, which seems to be cropping up across the United Kingdom, appears to have started just after 10am today and is on-going.

Officially EE state that calls to the emergency services, as well as all data (Mobile Broadband) and messaging services, should be "working as normal" and ISPreview.co.uk understands that some EE to EE calls are also still working (this includes EE to EE MVNO partners).

However, calls to non-EE services (e.g. other mobiles and landlines) don't appear to be connecting properly. Many people are also writing in to say that they have been unable to send text messages since the problems began, which contradicts what EE are saying. The operator has apologised and says they are working to resolve the problem.

The problems also appear to be affecting parent company BT and EE's other MVNO partners, such as Virgin Mobile etc.

Whoever is responsible for copy and pasting the same canned statement to every single person who complains on Twitter is probably also having a very bad day, unless they've automated it.

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