Wednesday, October 4, 2017

iPhone battery life on iOS 11 is terrible – Report

Apple recently rolled out iOS 11, offering new features, enhancements, and security patches.

However, the updated OS has a major problem with battery drain, according to a report.

iPhone and iPad users have complained about shorter battery life after updating to iOS 11.

Wandera collected data from 50,000 iPhone and iPad users to determine whether there was a difference in battery life between iOS 10 and iOS 11.

The results showed that iOS 11 has a drastic effect on battery drain, cutting average battery life from 240 mins to 96 mins.

Users can tweak a few options to extend battery life, but Apple will need to push an update to bring battery drain levels in line with iOS 10.

ZDNet recommended the following to save battery life:

  • Disable Share iPhone and iCloud Analytics
  • Lower screen and torch brightness
  • Disable background app refresh for unneccessary applications
  • Disable Auto-Brightness
  • Disable Raise to Wake
  • Enable Low Power Mode

Wandera iOS battery drain

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