Friday, October 6, 2017

ICASA releases radio frequency plans

ICASA has published a series of draft radio frequency assignment plans in the Government Gazette.

Among them are the rules for services operating in the frequency band 2,285MHz to 2,300MHz, which ICASA said may be used for broadband.

"This band is being considered for broadband fixed-wireless access. An alternative application is for broadband wireless access and for consideration as a future extension of IMT 2300," said ICASA.

Other spectrum bands which received draft assignment plans are:

  • 75.2 to 87.5 MHz
  • 138 to 143.6 MHz
  • 150.5 to 153 MHz
  • 380 to 400 MHz
  • 440 to 441 MHz
  • 1,518 to 1,525 MHz
  • 2,025 to 2,110 MHz, paired with 2,200 to 2,285 MHz (for fixed links)

With the exception of the 75.2-87.5MHz range, ICASA has invited comment on its plans by 1 December.

Comments on 72.2-87.5MHz are due by 27 October.

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