Thursday, October 5, 2017

How to prepare for the rAge NAG LAN

rAge 2017 is set to kick off in Johannesburg this weekend, drawing gamers from across the country.

The event plays host to eSports tournaments, hardware and gaming exhibits, and interactive displays – but one of its biggest attractions is the NAG BYOC LAN.

The NAG LAN is a three-day LAN party which hosts thousands of local gamers for the duration of rAge.

Gamers bring their own PCs and consoles, and connect to a large local network – organising tournaments and playing games with others throughout the event.

If you are attending the NAG LAN for the first time this year, here's what you should know.

No more sleeping next to your PC

It's a good idea to get a decent night's sleep before the LAN, especially if you plan to be there for the entire weekend.

2017's NAG LAN will have a demarcated sleeping area, which means you won't have to sleep on the floor and risk being crushed in a stampede towards an ill-timed pizza delivery.

Players will no longer be able to sleep in the general LAN area, however, so be prepared to pull an all-nighter if you don't want to leave your PC.

Free up hard drive space

Bring an external hard drive or free up a lot storage on your PC. With so many gamers in one place, there is a huge amount of content being shared on the local network.

Many LAN participants take advantage of the venue's high-speed Internet connection to download tons of content – which they then share publicly.

Clearing out space will also allow you to make room for all the updates you have on standby and download new games to play at the LAN.


Chargers and peripherals

You aren't allowed to plug a smartphone charger into the main power at the event, so you will need to use a USB charging cable connected to your PC or console.

Also remember to bring all your gaming peripherals with, especially a headset.

If you plan on playing with friends, you'll find it impossible to talk over the general din of "passionate gaming banter".

A headset with a microphone and over-ear cups are a must-have for the LAN.

Don't forget to bring your mousepad, too – there are always a few frustrated CS: GO players trying to use a piece of paper while attracting pitying looks from the nearby tables.

Secure your PC

When connecting your PC to a large network, you should check that it is secure.

Ensure your antivirus is updated and that your network firewall is active to prevent unwanted access.

It's also a good idea to make sure your PC is only sharing the folders you want it to share with the LAN, and not those embarrassing photos from your recent family holiday to Margate.

You can lock your valuables in one of the provided lockers if you want, although the NAG LAN area is access-restricted.

Arrive early

Arriving early is a must if you and your teammates want to get good seats. Dedicated gamers will arrive the night before to get the best seats possible.

If you'd rather not spend Thursday night sleeping in the car park, your best bet is to arrive as early as possible on Friday morning.

The seats are first come, first served, and nobody will be able to reserve specific seats at the LAN prior to the event.

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