Thursday, October 5, 2017

Google Fiber Will Probably Stop Selling Cable TV Service -

Video services, "channels in a grid guide" are on their way out. The big cable companies know that eventually, they will only be selling broadband. This may take a decade, maybe two decades.... but video services will disappear, and all content will move from a "channels" system to a "on demand" system, mostly based on internet streaming.

There is a reason why Dish and DirecTV invested so heavily in OTT televsion services, as they know that satellite TV doesn't have a future. They may be the last survivors as people who live completely out in the middle of nowhere will rely on them for television service, but it won't be the 200 channel packages they sell now.... but probably only 30-40 channels or so.

I'm predicting that...

- By 2020, all major channels (ABC/Disney, NBC, Fox, Discovery Networks, Viacom, etc) will have launched their own streaming services.
- Between 2020 and 2025, the amount of TV channels that exist will go down, not up.
- By 2023, there will be more subscribers to an OTT channel service than a traditional cable one.
- By 2025, there will probably be about 100 core channels left, with cable companies selling bundles that include streaming services.
- By 2028, most content will have moved to streaming, with less than 50 channels left for live events and sports.
- By 2030, the channels that are left... will be sold to the public as OTT type services only, meaning anyone can choose any provider, as long as they have internet.
- Bu 2032, 15 years from today, the cable companies sell broadband only and any last remainder of video service will be gone.

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