Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Genesis and NGA Sign Deal to Deploy UK Copper mBond Broadband Tech

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Canadian firm Genesis Technical Systems, which last month got their "last mile" mBond kit approved for use on Openreach's hybrid fibre FTTC (VDSL2) broadband network in the UK (here), has now secured their first orders from Hertfordshire based ISP Next Generation Access (NGA).

The mBond technology, which has been around for awhile and can in theory bond up to 12 pairs (copper lines) together (assuming you can find that many spare), is intended to help increase backhaul capacity in areas where alternative fibre optic or wireless solutions don't exist.

According to the PR blurb, "mBond can deliver Point-to-Point or Point-to-MultiPoint solutions that deliver massive bandwidth improvements in suburban and rural networks. mBond enables service providers to deliver more than 1Gb/s, or 100s Mb/s over extended distances, and enables connectivity to large businesses and enterprises, multi-dwelling units, mobile base stations and a host of other applications."

Under the new deal NGA hopes it will be able to provide "high speed, reliable, last mile connectivity to homes and businesses" across the United Kingdom. The provider claims that their current network already consists of 64 "exchange street cabinets" across the UK, with the ability to serve over 700,000 premises via either copper or fibre services (ranging from xDSL to dark fibre).

Steve East, Senior VP of Genesis, said:

"Genesis is delighted to receive this initial order from NGA as it represents the first deployment across a high growth, national network infrastructure. mBond will benefit NGA network partners, which will in turn be of benefit to customers around the UK. This will further establish mBond as a credible, and important technology, within the industry."

Kenny Roberts, NGA Technical Director and Founder, said:

"After many months of technology analysis, the mBond – in combination with our primary MSAN equipment – offered the best possible performance, cost efficiency and reliability for our customers around the country. Genesis products are pivotal to the growth and success of NextGen Access. They are strategically important and help us achieve our business goals; to deliver next generation, high speed connectivity to underserved areas."

Bonding multiple copper lines together is not a new approach, although most such products tend to only support bonding of two to four lines. The complexity, diminishing returns and cost of bonding more than that can soon start to be outweighed by alternative solutions, such as leased lines.

The initial deployment is set to take place during January 2018 in Guildford (Surrey).

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