Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Do You Struggle With Work/Life Balance? Survey Snapshot

The technology industry fetishizes productivity: your work output is tied not just to your salary, but also your professional status and even your sense of self-worth.

Of course, tech isn't alone in this. Professionals in fields such as finance and law flash marathon work weeks the same way they would a Rolex or BMW.

That's all great, but what if you also have a personal life? If you have interests outside of your work, or a relationship, or a family, do you struggle to balance the competing demands all these things place on you?

We asked Human Infrastructure readers if they struggle with work/life balance. And we also wanted to see if this struggle is uniquely American or something that affects tech professionals outside of the US.

Here's the results. I admit I was surprised to see that that struggle is real for tech workers outside the United States.

While we can't tie survey responses directly back to reader locations, our top overseas opens came from the UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany. I assumed these countries, and Europe in general, had more cultural and governmental structures to provide a saner work/life balance. Maybe not?

We had 68 responses to the survey. Here's how it breaks out via percentages.

  • Yes, and I'm from the US: 23.5%
  • No, and I'm from the US: 10.3%
  • Yes, and I'm not from the US: 41.2%
  • No, and I'm not from the US: 25%

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