Thursday, October 12, 2017

Do you know what is going on in your contact centre?

Typically, call centres are primarily focused on handling calls in a timely manner and maintaining great customer service.

"The assumption is that if you answer the query quickly enough then the customer is happy, which isn't necessarily the case," says1Stream director Bruce von Maltitz.

Productivity alone gives a somewhat limited picture of the effectiveness of your contact centre, and importantly, the quality of service.

1Stream delivers BI beyond basic contact centre reporting, allowing you to access and analyse your contact centre data to facilitate business decision making and agent performance management.

Collecting and analysing data from your contact centre is a hugely valuable way of understanding your customer's needs.

"You need to follow the client's happiness through each step, since the initial query might not be completely resolved, and the customer may have to call back a few times," explains von Maltitz.

By assessing the data from the customer's point of view, it is possible to pick up that something is wrong before the customer becomes upset.

"You need a whole range of metrics in order to assess whether or not you are addressing the customer's needs," adds1Stream director Jed Hewson.

Assessing data to gauge customer satisfaction is incredibly complex, however, and isn't only limited to calls but could include other forms of communication such as chat, email, and social media interaction.

"If you want to really give your customer a satisfactory experience, you need all the information at hand from across all mediums before you even start to talk to them. Also, you shouldn't rate a customer's experience from one ticket, but rather across a number of tickets," explains Hewson.

BI can benefit the business by offering information on how you are delivering a service across various channels and access it in a non-siloed way. However, this is only possible if the information is available in a useable format and as close to real-time as possible.

"You can't have the information spread over various systems and rely on an individual to pull it all together into a report, manipulating it for days on end before action is taken. It's one thing for someone to become upset, but you need to understand why they are feeling like they are and what you can do about it as quickly as possible," warns von Maltitz.

Anyone who is keen to understand the quality of service they are delivering needs the kind of service that 1Stream delivers.

"We offer cloud-based call centre technology with an omni-channel solution, where all the information resides in a single environment.  It's readily available and doesn't need to be manipulated to get meaningful, actionable information," concludes Hewson.

To find out more and to take advantage of 1Stream's special offer to receive a free three-month trial, visittheir websiteor call on 087 351 5253.

This article was published in partnership with 1Stream.

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