Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Dish 'Pauses' All Service for Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands -

said by cchhat01:

Exactly what I was thinking, tricky sobs. How does suspending services help anyone? Suspend the billing, not the service.

If you use the service you have to pay for it. If you don't use it you don't have to pay for it during this time. That is how business works. I would say even those with power probably don't have time to watch it, they are probably to busy fixing up their property or helping others with theirs.

Would you rather them not do anything and just keep billing? Why do people suddenly feel like that they should speak up just because they don't feel like they are getting enough of a free, nice gift. They are being nice and trying to help by suspending service which they technically probably don't have to do but are still being nice and doing it anyway.

Cell Phone carriers leaving the service on and not billing is a little different. Considering 2 facts:

1. Cell phones are useful in times of emergencies and help productively. Watching TV does not, while it may be a get away from what happened it isn't considered a vital service.

2. In most areas cell service isn't option due to towers being out. Cell Towers are the responsibility of the carrier not the customer so with carriers not being able to restore them the carrier can't charge for the service where normally available. However with Satellite, the reason most customers that normally have it, don't currently is due to power outages. Not the problem of the satellite provider but that of others. Basically meaning if they wanted to Satellite providers can keep charging if they can show that they are still able to provider the service to those customers if they had power.

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