Tuesday, October 10, 2017

BT and TalkTalk back Ofcom's call for peak-time broadband speed information

BT and TalkTalk have thrown their weight behind Ofcom's push to ensure broadband customers get more accurate speed information.

The watchdog is introducing a raft of new rules to protect customers, in order to ensure there is no mismatch between what people believe they are buying and what they actually receive.

Under the new system, broadband providers will be required to give a minimum guaranteed speed before sale and tell people what connection speeds they can expect at peak times.

Ofcom also wants to make it easier for people to quit their contract if speeds fall below a guaranteed minimum level.

Providers would be given a maximum of one month to improve speeds before allowing customers to walk away without having a penalty imposed. 

Responding to the announcement, BT said it remains "firmly supportive" of Ofcom's voluntary code of practice on broadband speeds, including the latest proposed changes.

"We support the emphasis on customers knowing what broadband speeds will be delivered at peak times and we are happy to commit to letting customers leave without penalty if they don't reach their minimum guaranteed speeds and we can't fix the issue within a month," a spokesperson commented.

BT added that the planned changes will "make things even clearer for our customers".

TalkTalk, meanwhile, stressed that it understands how important it is to customers to have a "fast, reliable internet connection".

A spokesperson said this is why it gives every customer an individual speed estimate before they sign up and in all its welcome communications.

"We remain committed to finding ways to make our service simpler, more reliable and even better value for money," TalkTalk stated.

"That's why we will continue to work closely with Ofcom and comply with their guidance."

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