Friday, October 6, 2017

Billboards to Mock Democrats That Re-confirmed FCC Boss -

Earlier this week, Trump's FCC boss Ajit Pai was re-confirmed for a new five year term at the FCC despite his indisputably anti-consumer, anti-competitive policies. The move was quickly and mindlessly applauded by lobbyists for all the biggest ISPs, who collectively gushed over the agency boss's selfless dedication to consumer welfare. Mike Powell, former FCC boss turned top lobbyist for the cable industry, for example, somehow argued with a straight face that Pai is "pursuing policies that protect consumers."

Actual consumers and consumer groups were notably less enthusiastic about re-appointing a man that once voted against holding AT&T accountable for outright fraud, and voted down attempts to punish the telco for actively helping drug dealers, crammers and con men rip off the company's own subscribers.

One such group, Fight For the Future, says it will be using billboards to name and shame the four Democrats that voted to re-confirm Pai. The group has been using a "Congressional scorecard" to track politicians that are a little too cash-cozy with the telecom industry, then crowdfunding billboards that name and shame these lawmakers in their home district.

It's an attempt to bring some public awareness to the utterly shameless dedication all too many politicians on both sides of the aisle have when it comes to selling consumers out for campaign contributions from the like of AT&T, Comcast, Verizon and Charter. The tactic was used earlier this year to make fun of politicians that support the gutting of net neutrality protections and voted to kill consumer broadband privacy rules.

"Every member of Congress needs to understand that you can't vote against the free and open Internet and get away with it," said Evan Greer, campaign director of Fight for the Future, "let this be a lesson to any lawmaker considering going against the interests of their constituents to support legislation or FCC action that undermines existing net neutrality rules."

"The only interests Ajit Pai represents are those of the few gatekeeper media companies that want to charge people more for nothing and give them less of everything," said Candace Clement, Free Press Action Fund Campaign Director.

"Those in Congress who voted to confirm Ajit Pai did so against the demands and interests of their constituents," she added. "Pai stands against an open internet, online privacy, local control of local media and affordable access for everyone. Team Internet will continue to remind Congress that you can't do harm to the people you represent without hearing from us every day and everywhere. You can't sell out our rights in Washington without consequences."

Whether these creative efforts can actually convince voters to stop voting for politicians that seem to take an active enjoyment in repeatedly screwing them remains to be seen.

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