Tuesday, October 3, 2017

5 Most Downloaded Packet Pushers Podcasts – September 2017

5 Most Downloaded Packet Pushers Podcasts – September 2017 The Packet Pushers published 19 podcasts in September 2017. Here's the 5 that got the most downloads for the month, including a show on BGP, the Datanauts' 100th episode, and perhaps the first-ever Packet Pushers podcast that included a discussion of Nietzsche (Show 357). Here they are in order of the number of downloads. *1. Show 355: What's Wrong With BGP? – IETF 99* BGP is one of the fundamental protocols for routing in the Internet, but it also has its limitations. Today's episode drills into the uses of BGP and problems associated with it. *2. Show 357: Beyond Name, Blame, and Shame In IT* Name, blame, and shame. Do you work for an organization like this, where no failure goes unpunished? Hate the thought of making a mistake for fear it will be your last? Today on the Packet Pushers Weekly Show, we talk about IT culture, what's wrong with it in many organizations, and how it can be done better. *3. Show 356: Oracle Ravello's Networking 2.0 (Sponsored)* Welcome to the Packet Pushers Weekly Show. This week, we follow up a discussion we had with Ravello Systems going back to June 2015 in Weekly Show episode 241 . *4. Datanauts 100: Ask Me Anything* The Datanauts celebrate their 100th episode with an Ask Me Anything-style show. Chris Wahl and Ethan Banks answer questions about the future of object storage; VXLAN, VTEP and getting traffic out of the data center (nice to know people didn't hold back); and how to become a full-stack engineer. *5. Show 358: The NSX Future With VMware (Sponsored)* It's been five years since VMware acquired Nicira, the network virtualization startup that became VMware's NSX . Since then, NSX has become a core product in VMware's software-defined data center portfolio.

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