Friday, January 14, 2022

Enabling Better Digital Experiences, One API at a Time

In today’s digital landscape, customers are consuming products and services faster than ever. To keep up, organizations are adopting multichannel strategies to expand the reach of their product offerings, enhance user experiences or optimize processes to cut costs and increase bottom-line revenue. The different channels could include an enterprise web portal for procurement, a mobile app to view content, and APIs to help monitor data and automate processes. When organizations use portals from several different partners and vendors, getting a consistent user experience across services is nearly impossible, as each portal will have its own unique user journey. At Equinix,…

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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Video: Local Area Network Addressing

In the Local Area Network Addressing video (part of How Networks Really Work webinar) I covered numerous obscure LAN addressing details including:

  • There’s no layer-2 address in Fibre Channel frames (because FC is routing not bridging);
  • Why is the multicast bit lowest bit (0x01) in first byte on Ethernet but highest bit (0x80) on Token Ring or FDDI;
  • How some NIC manufacturers never got the memo on what OUI really means.
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BrandPost: 3 Tips for Getting Your ZTNA Project Funded

Most IT experts embrace the idea of the zero-trust security model. Almost everybody agrees that the zero-trust principles of ongoing verification of users and devices, creation of small zones of control, and granting minimal access to users and devices improves an organization's security.

In fact, a recent Fortinet survey confirmed that organizations understand the benefits of zero trust. Respondents rated "security across the entire digital attack surface," followed closely by a "better user experience for remote work (VPN)" as the two most significant benefits of zero trust.

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New Low-Latency Subsea Cable Routes Speed Global Internet Traffic

It is estimated that subsea cables carry 99% of all international communications traffic, including voice, data, videos and online gaming. So, it’s no wonder that the demand for new global subsea cable routes keeps accelerating around the world to deliver the low-latency interconnectivity required for accessing skyrocketing volumes of internet traffic. According to TeleGeography, as of early 2021, there are approximately 426 subsea cables in service around the world. And many of them are landing on Equinix’s global platform. Subsea cable momentum is connecting continents The subsea cable momentum on Platform Equinix® is accelerating worldwide as digital transformation is increasing…

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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Nvidia acquires Bright Computing

Remember when Nvidia was a gaming-card vendor? That doesn’t seem all that long ago but now it’s a full-blown enterprise high-performance computing and AI company that happens to sell videogame cards - if you can actually find them.

Its latest move is the acquisition of Bright Computing, a maker of Bright Cluster Manager software that controls the configuration of clustered HPC systems, including Nvidia’s own DGX servers and HGX systems made by OEMs and ODMs, plus clusters from other manufacturers. The clusters of servers are linked by high-speed networks into a single unit.

If the deal goes through, Bright Cluster Manager will become a part of Nvidia’s Enterprise Products Group. Nvidia has no intention of keeping Bright Cluster Manager for itself, and by being a part of the Nvidia channel, it gives Bright an opportunity to expand and grow its market.

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